Sunday Services

  • Morning Service – 11am

Welcome to St Paul's Church website! If you're looking for a place to explore and nurture your spirituality and faith, consider trying out one of our services! You will find a warm welcome, good conversation, a creative environment, and a group of people who may just be seeking the same things you are.

We at St Paul’s are on a continuous journey to find new ways of engaging with all ages in worship, seeking to be inclusive and inspirational for all.  The way we try to engage and learn together is not by sitting down and listening to speeches, but by sometimes moving around, playing, eating, drinking, crafting, drawing, talking to each other and praying in new ways.

The music is usually led by a band of two playing piano, guitar and percussion. The majority of our church music comes from CH4 with influences from varied sources including Wild Goose, Graham Kendrick and other sources. We are a paperless congregation, and use a range of multimedia during our services.  Our communion services are shared by all ages of the congregation, and are sometimes followed by a shared lunch.

Support our work

If you can’t make it on Sundays, you can watch some of our broadcasts on our Facebook Page, and you can still support the church through secure online donations. You can donate through a paypal account, or by using a debit/credit card. Please click on the button below if you’d like to support our work: