Being involved in your local parish church on a volunteer basis is a great way to use your spare time for a good cause. St Paul’s Parish Church exists not only for its members and adherents, but for the good of all people who live in the parish and beyond. We do this, for instance, by conducting weddings and funerals for anyone who lives in the parish, regardless of their faith background and membership.

But it doesn’t stop there. Our buildings are used every single day of the week for much more than Sunday worship. St Paul’s Church is heavily involved in its community through St Paul’s Youth Forum, the Self Reliant Group and through other groups who use our buildings to meet the needs of people who live in our parish.

All this cannot happen without the most precious resource of all: people. St Paul’s Church has a small staff of people who are employed in key positions, but the bulk of the work is done by members, office bearers and others who give of their time as volunteers. Without them, none of what we do could ever be possible.

So if you have spare time and would like to be involved as a volunteer, here are some opportunities for you:

Church Officer

  • Role Description: The Church Officer opens the building one hour before the start of each service on Sundays and other special services (weddings, funerals), they make sure the sanctuary is in good order and that the temperature is adequate. During the service, the Church Officer makes sure that any late comers can find a seat and makes them feel welcome. At the end of the service the church officer makes sure the building is left in good order and it is secure after everyone left.

If you are interested in this volunteer position, please contact the Minister or Session Clerk!

Bass Guitar Player

  • Join the worship band playing each Sunday morning at 11am. Bring your own bass guitar – we have a combo amp available. Currently the band numbers 3 members: guitar/piano, guitar/clarinet, percussion. The band may also play at other events as required.

If interested, please contact the Minister !

Pianist/Keyboard Player

  • See above for band setup. We have a very good digital piano available.

If interested, please contact the Minister !

*Please note that all these positions are on a voluntary basis only.